Goldfish in aquatic plants

Who has the greater attention span: humans or goldfish?

14th March 2023

Since 2015, there’s been a lot about human attention spans dwindling to less than that of goldfish. If you’ve not already been distracted by...

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International Women's Day - group of women

A Word From The Women of SiyonaTech on International Women’s Day

7th March 2023

As a majority-female workplace working within the technology industry, we have a wide variety of personal experiences that can bring value and grounding to...

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Can learning be fun? And should it be?

7th February 2023

We have become accustomed to slick, glossy websites, instant gratification and infinite, scrolling content that grabs us and doesn’t let go...

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37 wins at the Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards 2022

25th August 2022

SiyonaTech had an evening to remember at the Brandon Hall Human Capital Management Excellence Awards 2022. In total, we won 37 Learning & Development...

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How using metaphors creates more engaging learning

28th October 2021

Here, we’ll explore the value visual metaphors (themes or concepts) can add to learning through storytelling.

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Storytelling in elearning - magical book

What are the key elements of effective storytelling in eLearning?

11th October 2021

Every one of us has time to stop and listen to a good story. Not only that, we effortlessly remember the stories that captivate...

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