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What are the key elements of effective storytelling in eLearning?

Every one of us has time to stop and listen to a good story. Not only that, we effortlessly remember the stories that captivate us and often retell them to others. Before literacy, stories were the main way people passed on their culture and values from one generation to the next. Today, they remain critical to the way we communicate with one another.

SiyonaTech’s Virtual Reality Trial continues

The SiyonaTech team made their second visit to West Herts College in Watford on the 19th November as part of the Virtual Reality trial for their Aircraft Cabin Fire-fighting programme. 13 students satisfactorily completed the Learning phase and then successfully gained a pass in the Assessment phase. Mr Adam Kenworthy (centre), Training Manager – Strategy & Projects at Easy Jet, was on hand to present …

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SiyonaTech’s groundbreaking VR trial gets underway

SiyonaTech initiated their Virtual Reality (VR) programme trial at West Herts college in Watford yesterday with a class of Diploma in Air Cabin Crew / Aviation students. The VR programme taught and tested the class on dealing correctly with an aircraft cabin fire. The trial, which is being conducted at colleges throughout the South-East of …

SiyonaTech’s groundbreaking VR trial gets underway Read More »

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