We design highly bespoke learning solutions that deliver a great learner experience and high level of impact. Using techniques such as storytelling, gamification and multimedia rich experiences; we intrigue the learner and make them curious to find out more. 

While doing this, we keep your purpose foremost; ‘what is it you want your learners to do differently after completing the learning’ and do our utmost to achieve your goals.

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Digital Storytelling within eLearning

We all love a good story; cave men told tales whilst sitting around a campfire and colleagues gossiping around the water cooler is no different. Throughout history, storytelling is our most powerful way of communicating. We use that same power of storytelling in our digital solutions to enthral learners while employing best-in-class instructional design techniques to deliver the core message and change behaviour.

Animated videos and learning nuggets

When there is a complex message to be conveyed in a simple yet impactful manner, a short animated video is one of the best ways to deliver it. However, the challenge of presenting a complex concept in 2 to 3 minutes should not be underestimated. Using our expertise we will to be able to distil the key messages and present them in a succinct, memorable and entertaining fashion so that your audience is wowed but not overwhelmed.

Gamelets, Games and Gamification

Most people love playing games, on the computer or otherwise. Games involve a level of strategy, they encourage participation, raise adrenaline, foster competition and reward players. What’s not to like about using games in learning? Our aim is to use gaming techniques to support learning in a fun yet meaningful manner so that the end result is the desired behaviour change.

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