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Pharmaceuticals have the power to save and extend lives, and as a world leader in pharmaceuticals, our client knows this well. They know how important it is to develop effective medicines and bring them to market, and that a successful product launch can mean the difference between life and death. 

To ensure successful and efficient product launches, our client employs P&O business partners (BPs) to work alongside launch leaders. In recent years, the role of the BP has become more demanding, and our client needed a solution that would:   

  • Inform learners of the four phases of the product launch 
  • Explain the role of the BP within the context of a product launch 
  • Define new best practices for the BP role and empower learners to adopt them


When developing The Launch, our learning designers wanted to replicate the heightened, competitive atmosphere of a glamourous TV gameshow. With a charismatic host, a lively studio audience, and enticing challenges positioned against a studio set complete with dramatic lighting and glossy panelling, the team did just that. 

In an immersive experience, our learners take on the virtual role of a P&O BP, becoming contestants in a gameshow that sees the four critical stages of the client’s product launch presented in the form of some of TV’s most beloved reality shows. To up the stakes and remind learners what they’re up against, learners are placed in direct competition with their rival: cardiovascular disease. To win the game, learners must score points and win hearts on behalf of Sitra231 – our fictional cardiovascular drug. 

We created a unique, fun solution that broke away from traditional approaches to online learning, with a focus on storytelling and narrative to build connections, motivate and inspire. As well as imparting knowledge, it encouraged learners to think critically and be proactive, empowering them to face real-life challenges within their roles after the learning experience. 


By combining our gameshow fantasy with the client’s reality, our team put together a successful solution that kept learners engaged in a fictional world, whilst also remaining true to the real-world product launch phases.  

By replacing a three-day classroom course with our 90-minute interactive solution, the client was able to make significant savings, with an immediate ROI of almost 6-times that of development costs. 

The feedback from learners was overwhelmingly positive, with several learners even choosing to retake the course to improve on their initial score.  

Following the positive response to The Launch, there was a significant shift in the client’s attitude towards the use of an eLearning solution. While at first they were apprehensive, they saw the positive impact made by the training, and came to have faith in their learners’ ability to successfully apply The Launch to their real-life roles. 

SiyonaTech creates E-Trainings that are very different and beautifully designed. Their ability to embed the learning in storytelling and create fun animations sparks curiosity and make learning fun and engaging. This is highly appreciated by our learners. That is why we have chosen SiyonaTech.”

P&O Capability Building Global Manager. 

“I completed The Launch game yesterday. Wow what a great job. Well done. I have shared it with our eLearning development team within CONEXTS Learning and they were equally impressed but will also use it as a development tool for their instructional designers as to what can be achieved.”

SME Team member

“The E-Learning gamified solution helped me to understand my role in P&O [and] to understand the challenges and opportunities of supporting launch leaders. At the same time the built-in story kept me engaged throughout the journey and I did not even realize I spent 2 hours with this.”


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