Fraud on The Glacier Express

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Reinvigorate learners with a fresh and innovative approach to a compliance topic

As a global re-insurance company, our client not only faces greater risk of fraudulent activity but must also contend with a complicated regulatory framework. Employees undertake bi-annual training sessions on the subject to ensure they are well-equipped to deal with any suspected fraudulent behaviour and stay up to date on best practices.

Our client therefore required a solution that not only built upon existing knowledge, but took a fresh approach to the topic, keeping learners engaged and highlighting the importance of their vigilance on the ground floor.

It needed to:

  • appeal to a global audience
  • educate learners on the red flags that signal potential fraud activity
  • counter the sympathetic narrative of fraud
  • reduce employee ambivalence towards potential fraud activity
  • remind learners of their agency and right to anonymity when reporting suspected fraud activity
  • encourage learners to feel confident when reporting suspected fraud activity


Drawing inspiration from Agatha Christie’s high-stakes murder mystery novel Murder on The Orient Express, our skilled storytellers constructed a highly immersive, scenario-based solution founded on the principles of storytelling, gamification, and learner engagement.

The journey begins with the CEO of fictional company ‘Alp Insure’ asking the learner aboard the Glacier Express to share a week-long team-building trip. Or at least, that’s the cover story. The truth is, an anonymous whistle-blower has informed the CEO that someone within the company is committing fraud – and the numbers just don’t add up. To solve the case, the learner must engage their keen detection skills, along with their newly acquired knowledge of the Fraud Triangle, to work out who amongst the gathered suspects have all three: the motive, the rationale, and the (perceived) opportunity.


Fraud on The Glacier Express proved to be a roaring success. The learning solution successfully utilised an emotionally compelling narrative (alongside elements of gamification) to inspire empathetic behaviour change. Our solution was a refreshing approach to the subject of fraud and reinvigorated learners to stay alert for any suspect behaviour, as well as giving them the confidence to report it. 

The solution was delivered to a global audience of 15,000 employees and saved the client significant face-to-face training time. The solution scored a net promotor score of +70, remapping the client’s previous misconceptions towards corporate training courses.

“I loved the Glacier Express!  I passed the pre-test but still took the course because I wanted to see the mystery on the train. It was fun!”

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