Privileged Access Management

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility


Change habits towards protecting sensitive information

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is hugely significant, with Gartner having identified it as the top cyber security priority and Forrester research estimating that at least 80% of data breaches are connected to compromised privileged credentials. The security team for one of the world’s largest reinsurers had monitored a few instances of risky PAM behaviour; these were not malicious, but where employees were trying workarounds to solve work problems. PAM was not always factored into conscious behaviour, despite training provided when high access was granted.


  • Ensure employees with the highest access levels understood policy changes, the threats they need to counteract and the consequences of poor practice
  • Engage this audience to undertake the active pursuit of information security awareness and behave accordingly


With great power…

Our solution is bold and dramatic: a comic-book style story with an everyday employee and his superhero alter-ego delivering an engaging, immersive experience. Learners share the hero’s missions and learn through opportunities to save him from himself!

Drawing on principles of social cognitive theory, the design was based around how people learn by observing others; witnessed behaviours can change people’s ways of thinking and behaving. A superhero-inspired narrative framework reminds privileged access employees that ‘with great power comes great responsibility.’ As most poor practice is inadvertent and driven by a focus on performance, the design enables learners to observe risky behaviours from a distance and gives them the agency to consciously choose the correct behaviour. The superhero comic-book approach provides a fresh way to portray consequences without lecturing learners.

Learners encounter dilemmas and decision points within memorable, relevant scenarios, and must advise the superhero on the correct response to each situation. The vivid style, humour, scenario-based learning, and original characters provide ‘memory hooks.’

On a topic that may be important, but is often considered somewhat tedious learning, we provoke renewed thinking on a subject that rarely gets the five-star treatment.


Our client had defined rate of completion and positive learner feedback as the most important success measures. As well as high engagement numbers, the learning achieved NPS scores of +65 to 74. This bucks the current trend where eLearning scores an average NPS of -29.

Also, the client said:

  • “We learnt that taking an unconventional approach to a dull subject could create an element of ‘positive’ surprise and spur learners to engage with the content much better. The [test to teach approach] which recognized the experience of learners was more conducive for adult learners…an interesting fact that was seen was learners who completed the test out and needn’t have completed the learning were so intrigued with the approach that they went on to complete the entire learning course.”
  • “The eLearning ROI has been achieved manifold.”

"Please keep on producing such excellent eLearnings. I really appreciated. Super job!"

I love the PAM campaign! Great, modern and exciting content which does not get people bored. Well done!"

"The course was unlike any other training I've encountered throughout my career here. It's usually all business up in here, but this was fresh, visually appealing and rememberable. And I actually brushed up on the things I might've forgotten, like what to watch out for if you're a phishing target, but also learned new things, like the segment about watering hole attacks. Props to the team behind this training!"

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course, made my day!"

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