Futuristic city helps pharmaceutical go big on data

To retains its edge, a world leader in the pharmaceutical industry developed a new strategy focusing on innovation through the power of data and digital. This would be their future.

The 4000 strong Personnel and Organization (P&O) global department was crucial to communicating and embedding this new strategy across the entire workforce, so it was key for this team to be onboard.

The organisation needed a way to highlight the everyday value in digital and data analytics to P&O, even when dealing with interpersonal soft skills. It required imagination to make a traditionally dense and exclusive subject appealing and engaging to a reluctant audience.

Key Challenges:

  • Diverse global audience with a challenging range of experience
  • Demystifying data analytics and showcasing value for all


We created Data City, a memorable and highly visual digital landscape based on the architecture of nanocircuitry, and enticed learners to explore it with a series of animated teasers to whet learners’ appetites.

Once at Data City, learners make their way through a series of structured, logical steps that form the blueprint for the data analytics process they will apply in their everyday work. With a tutor to guide them, they also receive a digital diary for making reflective notes. The bespoke design utilises a fun visual theme. This includes a progress indicator, which tracks the learner as they stop at a cinema or a coffee shop on the journey through the city.

The journey culminates in a realistic case study to consolidate the learning.


The solution has shown to have considerable impact on the audience in terms of engagement and understanding, and Data City with its gamified elements and striking design stands out from any other eLearning at the organisation.

The innovative design has allowed for the transfer of learning from course to workplace, creating a memorable, practical blueprint that can be applied time and again. Enabling the P&O function to utilise data analytics in their day-to-day work directly aligns with the company’s performance strategy, building resilience for its future.

“There is a story we can follow…the animations and the design make this E-Learning especially interesting and very different from what I have encountered anywhere else so far and that really grabs my attention!”

- Learner

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