Ownership Mindset Game

A Journey towards Ownership


Tense space adventure instils leadership imperatives

Our global insurance partner created a new set of leadership imperatives to support and inspire all employees, not just those in management roles.

They wanted a memorable and immersive learning experience that would be accessible to each of its 13000 global employees, A game that would allow players to explore and become familiar with the three leadership imperatives in an inventive way.

The game had to allow users to see how they might translate the imperatives into actions and approaches on the adventure, and ultimately transfer that learning to day-to-day work situations. The experience needed to allow for failure and show consequences of actions, making going wrong as valuable to the learning as getting things right first time.

Key Challenges:

  • Engaging a diverse global audience with a vast range of experience and seniority
  • Making leadership imperatives relatable and achievable for all


We follow the tense story of a small team onboard a spacecraft exploring distant planets, plunged into crisis when their Commander is taken ill.

To complete the mission they set out on, the learner must lead the team through other-worldly tasks, challenges and timed bonuses, making decisions that take into consideration the skills and strengths of the teammates. One imperative is explored on each planet, each with its own characteristics. A certain level of competency in and understanding of an imperative must be reached before the learner is able to progress.

To keep the game fresh for repeat play, a second version of every task was created, maintaining interest, engagement and further exploration of the imperatives.


The game has been launched and played with test groups. The solution lends itself not just to single play but has also proven itself very effective with learners working in small teams (emulating the team environment in the game) discussing and jointly deciding on the action to be taken at each point during the mission. This encourages engagement as well as deeper exploration and interpretation of the imperatives – all helping to imbed them for learners.

"People loved the game, we received so many positive responses during and after [the session] that it's incredible!"

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