Child Protection (CP) eLearning helps the NCA safeguard children

The National Crime Agency (NCA) is UK’s premier crime fighting agency modelled along the lines of the FBI in the US. The agency came together thought the merger of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) and the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP).

The merger made it imperative for all NCA officers to be aware of Child Protection and related safeguarding issues while conducting raids. There was a gap identified in the recognition and handling of children within the complex scenarios that officers had to deal with.

Traditional forms of learning, which hadn’t taken into account the changing demographics of the force, had a very poor uptake – 10 to 20% for mandatory learning.


The gamified CP eLearning course was designed to change the culture and acceptance towards technology-based eLearning within the organisation.

Themed as a journey in space (to take away any biases that CP issues occur in certain areas than others), the learners attend a foundation course on the spaceship they are based on. They then travel into 4 different planets (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow) to carry out raids where they encounter different aspects of CP and have to utilise their foundation knowledge to deal effectively with the issues.

Upon successful completion of their missions, they return back to base (NCA HQ) to take their final assessment, as they would do in real life.


Utilising this novel approach to deliver the learning created a buzz and completion rates, in a similar period to other mandatory courses, was as high as 80%. Some learners enjoyed the course so much that they completed it twice.

Both the course feedback as well as assessment scores were very high. A survey of line managers revealed that officers felt more equipped to deal with CP issues. It was borne out during a major arrest of 600 paedophiles where officers attributed their ability to deal with the safeguarding issues to the training they had.

Can highly recommend the SiyonaTech Team. An amazing provider with passion, innovation and commitment to making a positive difference.

Faye Clough, L&D

National Crime Agency

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