Reimagining mandatory training

Insider trading is a huge concern in the world of finance. Being charged with this offence can see jail terms and fines running into the millions – with both companies and individuals liable.

A world leader in reinsurance needed an eLearning solution to help train 13000 staff – almost the entire workforce – in understanding and protecting against insider trading. Crucially, the business needed this mandatory learning to surprise and engage their employees, bucking all expectations of standard compliance training.

Key challenges:

  • Huge breadth and range of audience
  • Mandatory learning’s reputation was for being dull and uninspiring
  • Potential disciplinary for non-completion caused backlash amongst employees


Our solution held gamification at its heart with the seductive ‘roaring 20s’ providing the theme of a rich multimedia experience. A strong storytelling arc, high-end animation and audio engage the user from the very start.

Strong characters with distinct dialogue are central – with some based on real historical figures. Sound effects and the gamification elements all immerse the learner in the experience.

We created two different yet overlapping versions of the course to match the diversity within the audience. Users would complete one or the other depending on seniority and exposure to insider trading risks. The solution is snappy at just 10 minutes and packs a punch.


The course has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from employees. The creativity and uniqueness making a big impact. From a survey taken by the first thousand to use the solution:

  • 88% of people were satisfied or very satisfied with the course
  • 71% thought the learning was effective or very effective

These figures are much higher than usual for the business’s mandatory activity. Such is the success and effect of the course that we are working on future compliance courses with this client.

“Great job done on keeping these ongoing training requirements interesting and refreshed.”


“Congratulations! The insider trading training is an excellent example how we can create exciting training programs and foster our education culture. Well done!”


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