Pacey cybercrime drama highlights response to ever-growing threat

Cybercrime is a multi-trillion-dollar global issue, with the financial services industry its biggest casualty. One of the world’s largest reinsurers identified that 85% of their 76 global Incident Management Teams (IMTs) felt ill-equipped to deal with this type of threat.

This senior audience needed a tailored solution, building practical and transferrable skills to deal with a cyberattack. All 76 teams needed to reach the same maturity level on compliance and awareness of the risk. The solution should also support the business in reshaping its global training strategy and reduce face-to-face training sessions.


  • Team variation – location, size, culture, exposure to the risk
  • Speed of rollout – teams needed to receive the training as quickly as possible


Gamified learning was designed to plunge the learner straight into an immersive storyline mirroring every organisation’s worst cyber-crime nightmare. Fast-paced interactive animation portrayed the impact of a breach on the company offices in central London. In a series of photo-real flashbacks, we reconstructed the events that led to the incident then see the situation escalate over the course of a working day.

We produced three photo shoots in three different office locations to ensure the authenticity and realism of the dramatic content.

To maximise learning impact, a role filter was included to tailor content and focused questions to the individual learner’s specific role and viewpoint.


This solution allowed the business to educate over 400 colleagues in just two months – something wholly unfeasible with traditional workshop training methods.

In a survey of those who completed the course:

  • 80% agreed the learning was effective
  • 84% agreed the learning was an investment in professional development

The realism of the characters and scenarios helped with the transfer of practical skills in the workplace.  Subsequent exercises with IMTs have seen teams perform much better than before taking the course.

Awareness of the cybercrime risk is elevated, and the issue is now a top board concern, in turn making the company much more resilient in its industry sector.

As an Incident Manager I had a chance to see who plays what role in times of Major Incident which makes the picture so much clearer. Great course, good concept, good presentation.


I gained clarity on specific nuances of my role as Head of IMT. I will definitely apply these should a scenario arise.


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