Updating the Code of Practice for IFPMA’s global audience

The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) represents research-based biopharmaceutical organisations globally. Their Code of Practice helps members meet society’s high expectations of the biopharmaceutical industry in their behaviour, ethics and decisions. The Code is ever-evolving as standards and attitudes change. IFPMA needed to communicate the latest changes to its members for them to put them into practice. They also wanted to encourage learners to consolidate the behaviours needed to live the values in IFPMA’s Code of Practice, inspiring them to refer to and rely on the Code in the future.

Key factors:

  • Must be accessible to all users worldwide
  • Include a quiz so that learners can measure their own mastery


We created a high-impact, scenario-based learning solution to meet the needs of this diverse audience. Rich animations, highly visual interactive exercises and realistic scenarios consolidate and test the learners’ understanding of key concepts and their ability to make robust, value-based decisions. Gamification adds engagement, with ‘trusttokens’ earned along the way.

Delivered via the IFPMA portal and via LMS as a SCORM package, a dual implementation strategy was used to reach the maximum number of users worldwide. A comprehensive social media campaign and powerful teaser video gained interest prior to launch.


A clearly signposted but flexible learning pathway puts learners in control of their own learning experience. At key points, interactive exercises and challenges provide opportunities for learners to test and consolidate their knowledge. These are highly visual and hands on, intended to feel more practical than theoretical. Light touch gamification increases engagement by providing an ongoing measure of the learner’s progress.

The IFPMA has achieved its goals of reaching their vast audience with a course that’s been well designed and well received by learners.

We are extremely happy with the SiyonaTech provided solution, a truly innovative and different eLearning tool that helps our members and stakeholders put the sometimes dry content of our Code of Practice into action in a playful and graceful manner.

Sofie Melis, Director, HR and Ethics & Compliance

IFPMA and project sponsor

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