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Moving performance management from concept to reality

Our client identified that providing its employees with forward-looking, ongoing and timely feedback would enable the business to adapt quickly and smartly to changing business needs. Following a successful pilot, a new system of continuous performance management was rolled out across the business. This aimed to replace the traditional year-end ratings used for performance and pay with a culture that placed more emphasis on ongoing conversations.

Following the roll-out, certain areas were identified where managers and employees needed more support. With limited time for training, our client needed a solution that would:

  • Demonstrate effective performance conversations
  • Differentiate between conversations relating to feedback, check-ins, outcome-based goals and year-end reviews
  • Guide people through the process of recording actions on the performance management system
  • Encourage a growth mindset in approaching feedback and development conversations


Our solution was a series of four 15–20-minute learning ‘nuggets’. Each short nugget focused on a specific part of performance management and addressed the areas which had been identified as needing more support. Strategically, each nugget was released a few weeks before the relevant performance management stage, so that they would be available as ‘just in time’ support for learners.

Drawing on principles of storytelling and social cognitive theory, the design for each nugget was based around characters having realistic interactions. To further anchor the practical realism, real employees were utilised as ‘models’. Conversations between characters were used to demonstrate both common misunderstandings and good practice. By giving learners the opportunity to explore situations from different perspectives, they were able to see both sides of the story, and the consequences of certain behaviours. Formative questions and feedback were provided throughout the learning to ensure the reasoning behind the behaviours was clear.


Using short, ‘just in time’ workflow learning, with simple character-driven practical demonstration, is new to this team. They are so pleased with the results, they are looking at using this format to move further informational and conceptual content into realistic applicable behaviours.

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