Delivering just-in-time AR support for Dell field technicians

Dell, the computer technology company, has branches and services all around the globe. Dell technicians have to repair over 100 different models of equipment out in the field.

Previously technicians had to rely on bulky manuals or remote service support call centres for assistance. Dell required a more effective way to help technicians run diagnostic tests and fix the variety of models they serviced. The tool would need to be available at anytime, anywhere while in the field.

Key factors:

  • Increase efficiency, offering better support to technicians just-in-time.
  • Remove the disconnect between the support and the equipment at hand.


We developed an Augmented Reality (AR) app for tablets and smartphones putting the solution at the technician’s fingertips just-in-time.

The tool is a dynamic, interactive guide that superimposes graphics, 3D models and technical information over the real-world equipment the phone or tablet is directed towards. An ‘assistant’ guides the technician through the correct sequence of diagnostic steps one by one as they work. Overlays of particular components offer additional details and any required specifications.

Additional features such as ‘X-Ray Vision’ mode allows technicians to find the location of components hidden to the eye. A Challenge mode helps test their knowledge.


Dell has made significant improvements to the efficiency of repair work in the field. Having the performance support tool and learning available at the point of practical application removes any disconnect in the repair process.

SiyonaTech’s solution addressed our evolving need to add interaction and deliver information where and when a technician needs it.

Director of Learning Innovation & Technology

Dell Technologies

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