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The leadership of our client believes that improving the organisation’s performance means investing not only in operational improvements but in building a strong, inclusive culture. They had developed a programme of face-to-face workshops to introduce new joiners to their culture, where new hires participated in an intensive personal and social experience in self and social culture competence.

With the growth of the company, plus a global pandemic, this was no longer feasible. Our client needed a way to provide a comparable experience online that would convey the excitement of the experience and joining a vibrant organisation with a great culture.


  • To create and maintain a group-wide common culture language based on shared values and behaviours, and enable social connections
  • To increase awareness of self-impact through a playful experience
  • Provide a great online learner experience and foster a sense of excitement about the culture learners were joining
  • Create a personalised, exploratory journey to reflect each person’s individual journey in self and social competence


An adventure game reimagined the workshop activities within a quest narrative, positioning the learner as a mountaineer who must set out from their Basecamp to explore five mountain peaks, each associated with an aspect of self-competence or social competence that has an impact on culture. Learners are challenged to develop their Basecamp into a joyful, enriching environment by scaling each peak, solving challenges and puzzles along the way. Each challenge provides an opportunity to find out more about how they can personally contribute to the company culture by further understanding their own values and responses, and by communicating and building stronger relationships with fellow travellers.

With a relatively small budget and significant technical constraints, creating a game-like learning experience, including incorporating a social element, and connecting the game into a virtual blend that led to online workshops seemed a big ask.

The game-like learning experience: a multi-level rewards system, with rewards directly linked to progress and achievements, along with random rewards that recognise exploration and curiosity, creates an authentic gameplay experience. Incidental rewards: Easter eggs are placed at points throughout the game. Their purpose is simply to reward curiosity and willingness to explore

The virtual blend: a ‘mountaineer’s diary’ or workbook allows the learner to capture their thoughts and reflections during the game.  and can be downloaded and used as a basis for continuing culture competence training. They use their diary later in the virtual workshops, and in conversations with mentors and managers forming a bridge between this learning experience and their ongoing cultural learning journey.

With the WEF identifying skills like critical thinking, problem-solving and flexibility as essential skills needed in the near future, the learning experience shows how this can be achieved with a truly global approach that connects people worldwide.


The new blended format enabled learners in different parts of the world to participate in workshops together, enhancing our client’s global approach. Huge cost savings were achieved; in a single year, with learners located in Europe, Asia and the US, this blended solution achieved savings of more than 2 million CHF.

The client’s training community found the new streamlined online format enhances the learning:

“Now after our go live, I can see the results of the complete blended learning approach in my work as a trainer. The format provides something for everyone. The E-Learning provides great and easy playful access to very serious topics and self-reflection. The workshop brings it all together through discussion with peers.”

The leadership have recognised the positive impact on the organisation:

“This product is in my view an outstanding achievement and pioneer work at SIX in many ways: Totally new experience, first-ever eLearning hosted internally in SF, gamified approach throughout the blended learning, magnitude of internalization and continuous improvement… Colleagues from different BUs and CFs have put passion, time and tireless effort into the various development phases of this solution since summer 2020. Amazing what a self-driven interdisciplinary team can create!”

And the learner feedback below shows their engagement!

"This was very well done. Very entertaining but at the same time I could learn a lot about [our] culture and myself."

It was not some training I would have thought to do but it was definitely worth the time and effort."

"Very entertaining training, well interactive and truly fun and educational and informative. Good pace and well structured."

"One of the most interesting e-learning which I ever completed. Information shared during e-learning really interesting, and attendee does not feel exhausted after completion (because of so much info)."

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