Automotive Strategy Challenge

A transformational journey


Enable learners to take an active part in transforming the business and get ready for their future.

To grow and to win in a rapidly evolving Automotive industry, our client had to reinvent themselves, pivoting their assets, know-how, and processes to extend from being a solely project-based company into also being a product-based company. 

They had to change their business model, behaviours, and means of collaboration with partners to provide the experiences that consumers wanted, at the pace they wanted it, without sacrificing quality and reliability. This was the new Automotive Strategy.To execute this new strategy, Transformational Goals were set for the entire automotive division.  

Our client wanted to encourage colleagues to embrace the transformation. A solution was required that would take away the fear and uncertainty of transformation, increase emotional and active engagement in reaching the Transformational Goals, and offset the resistance to change within the organisation. 


We came up with the Automotive Strategy Challenge, a learning game with the same look and feel as our client’s existing transformational strategy. This visual familiarity helps galvanize the learner’s connection to the experience before they’ve even begun. The theme of a car journey is embedded throughout the learning, which ties in well with the firm’s real life strategy journey. 

Learners face three missions, each closely tied to a workplace scenario. An ‘Ask, don’t tell’ approach is used, immersing the learner by asking them varied questions to apply and build on any existing knowledge.  

Throughout the training, learners have access to mentors via the innovative ‘Ask the Experts’ function, which gives relevant guidance to help learners answer questions. Not only does this add a game element but helps foster a sense of teamwork, crucial to bringing about transformation. 

Learners have an opportunity to view their scores in relation to others on an offline ‘leaderboard’, promoting healthy competition. 


The learning has been very well received by learners. Many enjoyed the option to play it as a team, increasing collaboration and a shared understanding of the strategy.  

The introduction of the Automotive Strategy Challenge allowed our client to make significant savings across both time and budget. The program comes in at just +/- 8 EUR per player, which is exceptional value for 60 minutes of impactful learning that communicates and helps action the transformational change pivotal to the business’s success.  

It has been observed that with the help of the program, employees in certain areas of the business no longer resist the transformational change – clear progress compared to before the rollout of the program. 

“In all my working years, this was by far the most immersive experience, I really enjoyed it.”  

“The ASC is absolutely amazing. The idea and way of translating the strategy into a gamified eLearning is a great format to learn. Being challenged and getting to reach high scores, which is not really easy to be honest, has a very collaborative component as well as we could play it together in teams. "

“The new way to learn more about the strategy started to create exactly that thinking process we intended to design. It is a very cool version of involving all of us into our strategy journey. I liked it very much.”  

“An impressive training course with lots of additional information from experts! Welcome to the future!”  

“This was a great virtual learning experience for the whole team. The missions that were part of the challenge helped my entire team to get a better understanding of the Auto Transformational goals and how we as team are making an impact.”  

“Wow! Excellent content and great learning. Done!”  

 “The Strategy Challenge … is a ‘masterpiece’ from every perspective.” 

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