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Reimagining mandatory training

As a global reinsurance company, our client faces the ever-present risk and consequences of bribery and corruption. With increasing regulatory pressures, a refresh of their anti-bribery learning was required.

Training needs analysis had revealed three areas of anti-bribery and corruption in need of special focus: gifts and hospitality, dealing with public officials and third-party payments.

The client was looking for something that would stand out to and have an impact on their audience of 13,000 employees.

Key challenges:

  • Create an experience that would drive home the key points but offer an engaging and enjoyable adventure in learning
  • A large global audience reach consisting of five different groups with overlapping but not identical learning needs
  • Mandatory compliance training is often viewed as dry or repetitive


Our response was to create a unique and engaging time travel adventure with the core learning at the heart of the story arc. The theme drew on tropes from Science Fiction that would be familiar to a broad audience, including a futuristic watch.

The learner’s journey on a hot air balloon across fantastical landscapes and visit towns such as Corruptia as they observe a central character’s questionable past, lamentable present and possible future.

We used freedom of creative flair to provoke renewed thinking on a subject that rarely gets the 5-star treatment. The custom navigation combined with full screen animations and rich media content allowed for a highly immersive overall sequence filled with interactive elements at every turn to draw the learners in.


The solution had very high uptake and NPS (Net Promoter Score) with learners stating that they didn’t feel that they were going through an eLearning course.

The fantasy element of the time travel sequence allowed the learners and our client to explore the risks and consequences of a bribery and corruption case in a purely fictional manner.

Awesome eLearning, our best one yet.”

Head of Compliance Governance

This is a drastic improvement from the last ABC eLearning.”

Head of Compliance IptiQ P&C

I almost forgot I was taking an eLearning!

Corporate Solutions Compliance Officer

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