SiyonaTech helps design a ‘First Class’ OnBoarding Experience for IATA

As a trade association of the world’s airlines, responsible for 80% of global air traffic, International Aviation Transport Authority (IATA) plays a key role in connecting people, places and goods. Their aim was to create an onboarding experience, set in the real world, which would deliver a ’first-class’ experience to their new joiners.

IATA selected SiyonaTech AG, an award-winning digital learning company and a trusted partner, to craft a learning experience that would deliver their objectives.

The result was an immersive online learning solution, supported with gamification, that took new joiners through the world of IATA.

Picked up from the airport, the learner is invited on a journey (first class cabin, of course!) with Air IATA. Onboard the bespoke 3D model of an Airbus A380, the learner talks to attendants on the flight. Varied questions, interactions and presentations increase the learner’s knowledge of IATA and the organisations’s impact on world travel.

Along their journey the learner lands at key IATA locations, learning more about the company. Their passport is stamped and frequent flyer points collected for completing each leg. Armed with their new knowledge, the learner steps out at the final destination: their future with IATA.

A short trailer provides a glimpse of the experience.

"We all know how important are first few months in new job. Employee experience is in the heart of everything we do and when designing our onboarding we wanted ensure our new joiners have first class experience learning about us, in fun and interactive way. We involved them in building this journey and we also partnered with SiyonaTech to help us bringing this experience to our new hires. We are very excited to invite our new joiners on this learning journey."
Jane Hoskisson
Director, Talent, Learning, Engagement and Diversity - IATA
“We wanted the onboarding experience to reflect the high standards that IATA wishes to establish for the Aviation Industry. So we did our very best to design a highly interactive rich media experience to allow new joiners to embrace the world of IATA as soon as they join the organisation.”
Sambit Mohapatra
Managing Director - SiyonaTech
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