How can you engage learners more?

A 2022 report found that while more than 60% of companies increased their budget for online learning in recent years, their employees were disappointed with the results, giving an average lowly NPS rating of -29.

  • Globally we are experiencing economic challenges that drive us to consider the value we get from everything. Budgets are squeezed at work and home.
  • We are also being warned of skills and labour shortages in countries with high employment.
  • The ‘great resignation’ may well be heading to Europe, so we need to consider how to retain and upskill our best people.

There are complex geo-political challenges that are beyond our capacity to solve here at SiyonaTech!

But maybe there is something we can help with…

Our digital learning courses get NPS scores averaging 70+. Now, that’s not simply because the eLearning looks engaging – in fact, we put a lot of work into making learning that achieves its aims too.

After all, this kind of learner feedback is our raison d’être:

“The course was unlike any other training I've encountered throughout my career... It's usually all business up in here, but this was fresh, visually appealing, and rememberable. And I actually brushed up on the things I might've forgotten… but also learned new things... Props to the team behind this training!"

So how do we manage it?

We keep our NPS score well above the average by employing a variety of techniques which are all backed up by science and research. Science, research, and a wealth of experience tell us that creative techniques such as storytelling, gamification, and the use of dynamic visuals can significantly improve learner engagement (when done well, of course.)

Let’s take a quick look at the science behind each of those examples…

  • Storytelling: stories are stored in a different part of the brain from facts; a compelling story engages more of the brain, and is better remembered, than simply stated facts and information
  • Gamification: games and learning appear to use similar brain functions; both can increase connection strengths between neurons; plus stimulation of the brain’s reward system can make learning more likely to occur
  • Dynamic visuals: by engaging more areas of the brain, relevant and dynamic visuals amplify understanding and retention of content by up 89%

If you’re investing in learning – creating it and allocating employee time for undertaking it – then it can be disheartening to receive that negative NPS score, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Next time you’re planning a learning campaign, consider using the techniques we’ve mentioned here, and you’re likely to see a much healthier positive!

When learners are engaged, the learning sticks!

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A post by Nikki Ashley, Instructional Designer at SiyonaTech

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