Can learning be fun? And should it be?

We have become accustomed to slick, glossy websites, instant gratification and infinite, scrolling content that grabs us and doesn’t let go…

User experience design on the web has never been so evolved, allowing us to effortlessly navigate sites with ease and enjoyment. But the question at hand is – Why should online learning experiences be any different?

We live in a world where fussy consumers are used to getting the best. In this all-you-can-eat era of Netflix, Amazon Prime and other platforms, our attention spans are limited.

“Consumer research suggests that a typical Netflix member loses interest after perhaps 60 to 90 seconds of choosing.”

Carlos Gomez-Uribe, Netflix’s vice president of personalization algorithms 

I get it. In the absence of great storytelling, nuanced characters, a hook and a spot-on aesthetic, I find myself channel hopping too.

Similarly, in the world of online learning, who has time for bland, unimaginative, information delivery anymore? A glorified PowerPoint no longer makes the cut for today’s tech savvy learners.

Let me digress. I am a learning designer by trade, and the ability to change behaviour through learning is how I rate my success, as opposed to how many bells and whistles the learning has.

But saying this, the presentation of content has become increasingly important. It needs to compete with the digital noise that surrounds us. It needs to be inviting, stimulating, have the odd ‘wow’ moment. Just like any other piece of media. We can’t just assume that people will give the time of day to a piece of digital learning, just because the business is telling them to.

So at SiyonaTech, we design learning experiences that pack a punch. Explosive, thought-provoking, entirely custom, beautiful learning that does engage learners. But don’t just take me at my word. Our learners love what we do. Here’s some of the feedback they shared:

“I love the campaign! Great, modern and exciting content which does not get people bored. Well done!”

“The course was unlike any other training I’ve encountered throughout my career in the company. It’s usually all business up in here, but this was fresh, visually appealing and rememberable.

“I almost forgot I was taking an eLearning!”

“One of the most interesting e-learning which I ever completed. Information shared during e-learning really interesting and attendee does not feel exhausted after completion

The showreel above highlights some of the ways we have made learning content relatable, fun, engaging and given it the respect it deserves.

And it’s not just for show. Everything we do is underpinned by learning theory, and understanding the motivations of our learners – what makes them tick.

A post by a SiyonaTech instructional designer.

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