SiyonaTech’s VR trial enters exciting next stage

On the 7th Nov 2018, 14 City of Oxford College Travel and Tourism Students were put through the Learning and Assessment phases of a Virtual Reality Aircraft Cabin Fire-Fighting programme; all passed and were awarded their certificates.

On the 27th Feb 2019 (111 days later) we asked those same Students to attempt just the Assessment phase in order to measure retention and ability. There was no retraining apart from a short tutorial on VR controls.

The Students produced an average mark of 59%, a pleasing result considering their age and experience, the gap between exposures, plus the fact they are in full-time education and will have had to study other innumerable un-related subjects during the intervening period.

The SiyonaTech trial team are hoping to maintain and even improve on this result when revisiting the other qualified Students at the 3 participating Colleges.

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