Happiness & Grace Winter Outreach

Each winter we have a tradition at SiyonaTech. We reach out and help those less fortunate than ourselves. This usually takes the form of the team heading out into the evening streets and distributing as many blankets as possible to those with no roof over their heads.

This year we wanted to do a little more.

There are so many essentials which we all take for granted, but so many people in our local area don’t have easy access too. The SiyonaTech team have put together 50 ‘Happiness & Grace bags’ and intend to offer them to rough sleepers in two of our local cities.

Tomorrow evening, the team will be in Reading, Berkshire, providing these bags to anyone and everyone who may need a little extra help this year.

If we have inspired you to spread a little more happiness & grace this winter, and you want to create your own bags to share, some of the items we’ve included are listed below:

The contents of one of our ‘Happiness & Grace’ bags

• Thick socks (socks are often the most requested and least donated item for rough sleepers!)
• Warm hat
• Gloves
• Blanket
• Hand warmers
• Antibacterial Hand wipes
• Tissues
• Soap bar
• Toothbrush & toothpaste
• Sanitary products (included in 40% of the bags)
• Emergency (space) blanket
• Snacks (dried fruit, nuts, breakfast bars etc.)
• Water bottle
• Bag to keep everything in
• Ziplock bags to store the food
• List of local resources and services which offer help.

‘Happiness & Grace’ are SiyonaTech’s core company values – we aim to incorporate them in everything we do. Doing so should deliver happy outcomes not just for us, but others as well and always ensure we conduct business and ourselves gracefully.

Happy Christmas,
The Team at SiyonaTech

A post by Laura Hanmer, Delivery Manager at SiyonaTech.

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